Split Payments

Split Payments


Split Payments / Layaway


We know that it can sometimes be difficult to make a big payment all at once, which is why we are pleased to offer a bespoke layaway plan for any customer who would like to make split payments.  


Our layaway schemes are not credit, which means there are no nasty interest charges, intrusive credit checks, or impact on your credit score. Simply select your furniture, pay a deposit, and set up a payment plan that will allow you up to twelve months to pay the balance. All funds will be received before delivery is arranged but your payment schedule is totally flexible - whether you would like to pay weekly, monthly, or in any other number of payments, it can be whatever works best for you. 


Perhaps you are moving house, or giving your existing home a makeover. It can make sense to choose all the furniture together to create a coordinated look and get the best possible deal. Pick out everything you need, pay a deposit as small or large as you would like, and we’ll get your order processed and your deal locked in. Beat inflation and buy now, but pay when you’re ready. 


All payment methods are welcome, whether you want to bring in cash, make payments by credit or debit card or simply make a bank transfer using your special reference number - it’s never been easier to furnish your home. 

For more info, please email us:admin@dreamfurnishings.co.uk

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