Trending 3 Door Sliding Wardrobes This Year!

3 Door Sliding Wardrobes— What is it?

3-door wardrobe, as the name suggests, has three doors and plenty of storage space (both vertical and horizontal) to accommodate all of your needs. Some 3-door wardrobe designs include mirrors, lightsdrawers, an integrated dressing table or work table, and other customizable features.

They are also incredibly versatile, coming in a variety of coloursstylesmaterials, and 3-door wardrobe interior designs to meet the personality, wants, and tastes of home buyers. A 3-door wardrobe also has the following advantages—

  • Each item is organized in its own segment (drawers and compartments).
  • It's inexpensive and gives your room a stylish, sophisticated look without sacrificing economy or practicality.
  • It can be used in both small and large rooms.

Reasons Why 3 Door Sliding Wardrobes are So Popular

If the past epidemic year has taught us anything, it's the value of personal space in the house. Whether it's a modest porch where you can enjoy the sun, a hammock in the corner where you can immerse yourself in a good book, or basic bedrooms that never appear cluttered, there's something for everyone. Sliding wardrobes can certainly help with the final one. Particularly for homes in city areas with limited space.

Let us show why sliding wardrobes are a must for every modern home today.

They Save You Space— Lots of Space!!!

Sliding doors save space by allowing any door to serve its core objective of sliding into a space. Is there sufficient rug space around your bed and your wardrobe? Sure. Is there enough room for you to remain in front of the mirror or maybe dance? Done. Whatever the situation, sliding doors are an unquestionable boon for any room.

They are Adaptable

Not every bedroom has the same cubicle layout. Sliding wardrobes can be tailored to meet any room construction, whether it has arching wallsuneven walls or diagonal false ceilings, to provide maximum functionality while remaining stylish.

They Help Your Stay Organized

From footwear to outfits, jewellery, and your exquisite watch and perfume collection, you may properly use the customizable shelves of a sliding door wardrobe to prevent turning your closet into a Narnia-like portal where things frequently go missing.

They are Customizable for Personal Preferences

Many wardrobes have a standard internal construction that may or may not meet specific storage requirements. You have the freedom to create your closet with sliding door wardrobesproviding rackshanging and storage sections as needed. Do you want a place to store your violin inside? Why not!


Factors to Consider When Buying 3 Door Sliding Wardrobes

  • The outside and internal fineness of the material to be utilised for the wardrobe. Glass, laminate, wood, or steel are all good options.
  • The size of the bedroom in which the three-door wardrobe design has to be installed or maintained.
  • The 3-door wardrobe's load-bearing strength and the regularity with which it is used.
  • The size of the closet and the current bedroom's style elements.
  • The cost of the 3-door wardrobe and your budget. It depends greatly on the material chosen, the size needed, and any other features such as a table, mirror, or drawers.


Some Top Picks of 3 Door Sliding Wardrobes at Dream Furnishings

Let's have a look at our incredible selection of 3-door wardrobe styles.

Wiemann Misura Sliding Door Wardrobe With Drawers

This wardrobe with drawers below is ideal for people who require additional storage space outside of their big wardrobe for knickknacks and small goods.  This wardrobe design effectively utilises the available space in the bedroom while still seeming symmetrical and luxurious.

Weimann Rialto Sliding Door Wardrobe With Handles And Trims In Silver

This sliding wardrobe design is a win-win storage option for the bedroom. It not only allows you to store all of your heavy goods efficiently, but it also saves space for storage because the doors open on the sides rather than outwards. This wardrobe design appears ageless and appealing to the eye; yet, due to the sliding mechanism, you would only be ready to see parts of the wardrobe at a time (rather than the entire wardrobe).

Weimann Rialto Sliding Door Wardrobe With Handles And Trims In Slate Finish

This 3-door wardrobe with a mirror is a perfect complement to any bedroom because it meets numerous tasks while using up very little space and reducing clutter. The mirror atop the wardrobe lets you get prepared fast without worrying about getting around, and it also makes your room look much bigger (because of the light reflection).

STAUD Sonate Como 3 Door Sliding Wardrobe With Oak Puccini Carcass And Sand Glass Front With Middle Mirrored Door

If you want to add a class and style to your wardrobe space, this wardrobe with sliding doors is bold, smart and very durable. The mirrored sliding door in the middle adds to the overall beauty and elegance of the wardrobe.

Miami Sliding-Door Wardrobes

Nothing compares to the richclassy, and elegant look of a three-door Miami wardrobe. It has a classic appearance, and a warm feel, and is far more robust and lasting than other wardrobe materials. When combined with the wood panelling behind the bed, it completes the aesthetic appeal of the room.

Wiemann Misura Sliding Door Wardrobe

Inside, this compact 3-door closet meets all of your essential wardrobe requirements. It's well-made, and the sliding door function makes it easy to go in and out of your closet without interrupting the flow in your bedroom. It features a lot of storage space and extra drawers so you can easily organize your items.

Overall, stylish 3-door wardrobe concepts are becoming a common trend in homes these days because they're great for organizing and keeping your wardrobe-essentials. In reality, the 3-door design concept has been applied to other home furnishings such as living room displays, pantry cabinets, sideboards, and other such items.

So, if you're looking to update your bedroom storage, please contact Dream Furnishings, and our team will assist you in selecting the perfect 3-door sliding wardrobes for your space.

Which sliding door wardrobe style would you choose?

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